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������ �������������� �������� 720 ���� ������������ (How to Cork 720 on a trampoline)

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Загружено 29 мая 2017
In this video I will teach you all the proper steps to to do a perfect cork 7 on a trampoline! I hope this tutorial helped, if so please like and ...

How to do a Cork 720 on a trampoline
Загружено 15 марта 2013
This is a tutorial video on how to do a cork 720, by TheNVhuckers. If you guys have any questions about how to do this trick just comment. And be sure ...

Загружено 15 января 2015
Learn more over at https:///intermediate Since the time of posting I changed my mind on how to do it on the trampoline.Check out this one for ...

Trampoline Misty 540 720 Double Misty 900 Cork 720
Загружено 15 ноября 2016
A bunch of mistys. Captions are misleading, most of the tricks are misty 540-720-dub900 except cork 720 and cork 720 to back.

How to do a 720 Back Flip on a Trampoline (Double Full)
Загружено 16 августа 2013
Sorry for the lack of uploads. We're trying to stick with our pattern of uploading a video every 10 subscribers as the channel is still fairly new. Please help us out ...

Trampoline Tricks - Double Backflip, Backflip 720, Frontflip 540, etc
Загружено 3 августа 2009

Inside Trampoline! [Cork 720, Back-Front, Front-Front Landed]
Загружено 3 декабря 2015
Hope you enjoyed the FlipTeam's First Video! Our instagram: @flipteamYT.

My first backflip 720 on trampoline
Загружено 28 января 2012
One of my first backflip 720,clean for one of my first.

Cork 720 trampoline
Загружено 22 апреля 2015
Just learned these so it's not very good. Hope to get more clips up soon.

Trick Tip: How to cork 720 on a trampoline
Загружено 21 мая 2013
To do a cork you have spin and then dip your shoulder back in the same way that you are spinning. When you attempt to cork think of just doing a ...

Tutoriel: Comment faire un cork 720 rapidement et facilement sur une trampoline
Загружено 23 мая 2016
Likez en grand nombre ;) Faites-nous savoir dans les commentaires quoi faire d'autre comme vidéo!

Cork 720-Trampoline-Slow Mo
Загружено 18 октября 2010
Cork 7 in slowmo. sry about the non-full screen. how do i fix it????

720 cork to full on trampoline
Загружено 1 октября 2011
double cork/ cork 720 to full on trampoline.

How To Do A 720 On The Trampoline: A Step By Step Tutorial
Загружено 17 октября 2009
This short video goes over how to perform a 720 or two full rotations on a trampoline. With everything necessary to help you succeed, you will be throwing 720's ...

How To Do A Misty 720 On The Trampoline: A Step By Step Tutorial
Загружено 18 октября 2009
This short film will take you through the process of learning a misty 7 on the trampoline. Enjoy! For the full tutorial full with text, pictures and videos please visit ... ...

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