Dickson residents near Peter Dutton's office can't take any more protests

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Dickson residents near Peter Dutton's office can't take any more protests
Загружено 24 июня 2016
24/06/2016 Strathpine residents in the seat of Dickson are fed up with all of the protests outside Peter Dutton's office.

Handing Dutton our Petition for South Africa
Загружено 17 апреля 2018
LIVE From Brisbane to hand Peter Dutton our 50k strong petition to bring persecuted white South Africans to Australia. Let's hope we have more luck than we did ...

Peter Dutton's push to surveil civilian bank records, emails & texts
Загружено 2 мая 2018
1/05/2018 Peter Dutton open to the military body the Australian Signals Directorate to spy on Australian citizens.

Fact check: Peter Dutton's claim overstated on stripping foreign fighters of citizenship
Загружено 12 июня 2015
11/06/15 Fact check: @Peter_DuttonMP's claim overstated on stripping foreign fighters of citizenship.

Let Them Stay vigil for Asha enters 8th day with a protest outside Peter Dutton's office
Загружено 19 февраля 2016
19/02/2016 The stand-off between the state of Qld & the Turnbull Government over Baby Asha continues into its 8th day outside Lady Cilento Children's ...

Peter Dutton's plan to place Australians under covert surveillance
Загружено 30 апреля 2018
29/04/2018 Leaked AUSTEO documents show the push to give the Australian Signals Directorate the power to monitor Australian citizens.

Peter Dutton's new White Australia Policy
Загружено 22 июня 2017
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is proposing brutal new changes to Australia's citizenship laws - effectively telling migrants that they don't belong here.

Peter Dutton's "Cambodia Settlement Hotline"
Загружено 24 апреля 2015
The immigration minister, Peter Dutton, has pleaded with refugees on Nauru to take up a settlement package to Cambodia, encouraging them to call a ...

Eyes wide shut: Peter Dutton gives asylum seekers a deadline
Загружено 21 мая 2017
21/05/2017 Peter Dutton labels people "fake refugees" but there are claims the Turnbull Govt has made the process impossible to apply for.

Protesters rally against Dutton's policy on refugees
Загружено 30 марта 2018

OZ Immigration Minister Peter Dutton
Загружено 8 февраля 2018
During an interview on local radio station 2GB, Peter Dutton, the Australian Immigration Minister gets a surprise phone call from the father of a 18 year old Boy, ...

Van Badham & protestors calling for MP for Dickson Peter Dutton to resign
Загружено 8 января 2016
Witching hour at Peter Dutton office as protesters call for sacking over the 'mad fucking witch' text.

Julie Bishop backs Michael Keenan, accuses Anne Aly of not supporting national security
Загружено 24 июня 2016
24/06/2016 Julie Bishop has renewed Michael Keenan's attack on Labor candidate for Cowan Dr Anne Aly.

#LetThemStay Dutton Refugee Protest
Загружено 12 февраля 2016
After collecting signatures for a petition against the Government's decision to send 267 refugees currently in Australia, back to Nauru, we went to hand them in to ...

They took our jobs: A Peter Dutton firestorm
Загружено 22 мая 2016
22/05/2016 A wrap of Peter Dutton's dog whistle that refugees are illiterate, will take Australian jobs, languish on welfare and Medicare.

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