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Don't Stop Photosynthesizin'

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Don't Stop Photosynthesizin'
Загружено 2 марта 2010
This is our project for biology. ----- Don't Stop Photosynthesizin' lyrics Just a lonely cell Livin' in a micro world Had sunlight comin' down From eve-ry-where Now ...

Don't stop diffusing!
Загружено 27 февраля 2007
what is drunk?

Don't Stop Synthesizing
Загружено 10 декабря 2013

Don't Stop Believing in Physics
Загружено 28 мая 2010
our ap physics final project!

ATP (journey)
Загружено 1 февраля 2011
Song is don't stop believin' by journey. This was a biology project.

Mr Wang goat Photosynthesis
Загружено 9 января 2011
Hey Mr. Wang! This is our project for science. This song is a remake of Don't Stop Believing by Journey. Sorry that the voiceover audio is a bit off, we had ...

Biology Extra Credit
Загружено 11 февраля 2010
Lyrics By: Mark Mirt Song: Tik Tok by Ke$ha Lyrics: Wake up in the morning feeling like an autotroph Grab some sun light, after that, I'm gonna make ...

Biology Rhapsody final
Загружено 3 мая 2012

Starstrukk - Biology Parody
Загружено 3 марта 2010
Glycolysis, the first step Makes glucose turn to Two pyruvate, happens in the cytoplasm Then pyruvate's, groomed to Acetyl CoA That's the way it enters the citric ...

photosynthesis calvin cycle
Загружено 26 июля 2011

Photosynthesis Forever
Загружено 22 февраля 2010
Biology students attempting to explain photosynthesis. LYRICS: [Chorus] It may not make sense to yall But we will break it down for you It happens in plants big ...

Lady Gaga Photosynthesis 'Paparazzi'
Загружено 14 марта 2010
This is a video my friends and I made, singing about the process of Photosynthesis; to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi.

Photo Resp Recycle
Загружено 14 октября 2010
Parody of California Gurls (Katy Perry) to help biology students learn the relationship between photosynthesis and respiration.

Загружено 20 ноября 2009
Is learning about photosynthesis boring? It wouldn't be if it were portrayed through awesome robot action! I am proud to present the one and only ...

"Late Owl"
Загружено 5 августа 2010
Live @ Photosynthesis Novatron Lounge 8-25-10 Nichole Halleen & Rob Anonymous.

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