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Dr. Boyce Watkins They're pushing Black Men To Be Coonz

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Dr. Boyce Watkins They're pushing Black Men To Be Coonz
Загружено 31 июля 2017
Boyce Watkins says their agenda is to push black men to be coons in society.

MWB: Are Black People Choosing NFL Over Kaepernick?
Загружено 4 августа 2017
Nomalanga Mhlauli-Moses & Shaquita Graham of discuss this hot topic. Get free info on starting a tech career at ...

Kevin Hart’s Self Hating Tweet Got Him Roasted On Black Twitter.
Загружено 26 апреля 2018
Presented by Nicole Petite for ! The Dr Boyce Watkins Channel is an all-black news and commentary channel that features a number of ...

Young Buck Got Beef with Rappers in The Music Industry!
Загружено 29 июля 2017
Young Buck keeping it real on IG.

Calling someone a coon and BMG's super runs out
Загружено 13 июля 2018
Plyn iron banner with the GOD SQUAD.

Dr Umar Johnson is a Coon!
Загружено 26 марта 2018
In this week's Madd Ninjas Podcast clip we discuss pro black controversial speaker Dr Umar Johnson. Dr Umar Johnson is a popular speaker in the Black ...

Pastor Manning Explains to Jamar Why He Robbed Rich White People
Загружено 15 июля 2015

Загружено 31 июля 2017

Empire and the black community
Загружено 31 марта 2016
The dysfunction and gay agenda on Empire sparked something in me.

Todays Call in guest Dr Umar Johnson/ Beware of commotion and distraction
Загружено 25 января 2017
If you've been black in this country for any length of time then you know that "All that glitters is not gold!" Things were'nt exactly great for blacks here in Amerikkka ...

Roland Martin and Dr. Umar Johnson
Загружено 11 июля 2017
Can anyone say that was a great interview yesterday!!! Check out my views and leave your comments FB Page: ...

If Dr. UMAR Johnson was a rapper
Загружено 6 января 2018

Black women getting their channels taken down as well as the men especially over racial slurs agains
Загружено 30 июля 2017
Mgtow reject.

** Slave Masters Made Us Christians! - Minister Farrakhan "Speaks" (No Music)
Загружено 27 ноября 2016
Minister Farrakhan shows the world how Black, Brown & Red Men were divided by evil settlers, in a most profound manner as always. He awakens the dead ...

Dr Umar Johnson & Tariq Nasheed Interracial Marriage and Dating
Загружено 1 сентября 2017
My view on the interracial Dating and Marriage that Black men participate in.

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