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Instore 2X M2 Chase! - kpstoys - ISM - Hotwheels hunting

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Instore 2X M2 Chase! - kpstoys - ISM - Hotwheels hunting
Загружено 26 мая 2017
Finally! 2 month dry spell was like the goddam Sahara. Stoked to find both of these. Check my shit on Instagram @ kpstoys Thanks for watching, folks.

Instore 2X M2 Chase Bootlegger Camaro's! Hotwheels hunting Canada ISM
Загружено 7 декабря 2016
This was a hell of a week. On the Monday I still needed the Camaro chase for this series and was having a hell of a time trying to find one. ...

Instore 2X M2 Chase and a Green Machine! Hotwheels Hunting Canada ISM
Загружено 22 ноября 2016
Sorry the beginning of the instore was so shitty, dudes. Thanks for watching! And another thanks to all of you who subscribe to this channel, we broke 700! Thats insane to ...

ISM In store M2 Chase - kpstoys- hot wheels hunting
Загружено 22 декабря 2017
Well the other night i went out hunting and scored 3 chases in 3 different stores. Each time someone else in the store screwed my video! This is what we call ...

2X ISM Score! M2 chase and Green machine - kpstoys - hotwheels toy hunting
Загружено 31 декабря 2017
Pretty good night out one day after work. I hit 3 different cities, 4 stores and managed to score 3 chases. The first find is in my previous video. Ill put ...

In store M2 Chase! - ISM - kpstoys - Hotwheels Hunting
Загружено 10 июня 2017
Really surprised to find this on the pegs later at night. Nice to get a gift like that sometimes! Thanks for watching, guys & gals! Check my shit out on instagram ...

Instore 2X Greenlight green machine find! ISM Hotwheels Hunting
Загружено 18 октября 2016
Finally got an instore video. Stoked to find some greens in the wild. Fun day! Thanks for watching! I dont want to tell you to subscribe, but I'm not telling you ...

In store M2 RAW! Someone left a super chase!? - hot wheels hunting - kpstoys
Загружено 25 июля 2017
I know this is filmed terribly, but I got busted filming in this store so I have to be a little cautious. Plus I like my instore videos shaky. Champagne tastes ...

My wife found a M2 Chase Hauler! & Recap: Raw and Green Machine - kpstoys - Hotwheels Review
Загружено 2 июля 2017
Sometimes your wife pisses you off, and sometimes she finds a chase. One is far more often than the other. Still hyped! Thanks for watching guys! Check my shit on instagram ...

ISM Japan Historics 2 - Hotwheels Hunting
Загружено 27 января 2018
Found some JH2's this morning. I'm not a jdm guy, but these are a good looking set. But for $35 a set, they won't be in my collection. $1 increase since ...

Instore Super Treasure Hunt - Hotwheels hunting ISM
Загружено 9 сентября 2016
Finally the dry spell is over! Thanks for watching! Subscribing would be tits! Big tits! Check out my collection on Instagram @ kpstoys.

I$M M2 PEZ Hauler Chase X2
Загружено 24 июня 2017
Finally scored some M2 luck.

In store M2 Chase Model Kit! Easiest hunt ever! - Hotwheels hunting Canada
Загружено 30 декабря 2016
I almost didn't upload this video as I feel it looked staged, but I swear it wasn't. These kits were hitting all around my area and I went to check this ...

Instore Hot Pursuit Green Machine Greenlight - Hotwheels Hunting Canada ISM
Загружено 20 декабря 2016
Always surprised at those 5pm finds. Thanks for watching guys! bunch more instore find videos coming soon. So stay tuned for that. Or don't. It'd be a lot cooler if you ...

M2 Super Chase bug from Jif! - kpstoys - Hotwheels Super Treasure Hunt
Загружено 4 декабря 2017
I got pretty excited with this one. Whenever I do, I tend to swear more. Youtube flags the swearing now and fucks with your monetization. The warning in the beginning was ...

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