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PJTV Obama Goes Nuclear Politics Change, But the Fallout Remains the Same

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PJTV: Obama Goes Nuclear: Politics Change, But the Fallout Remains the Same
Загружено 9 февраля 2011
Duck and cover! Glenn Reynolds gives credit to the Obama Administration for calling attention to the dangers of an atomic blast. Civil defense was sometimes ...

Fatal Fallout - The Trailer
Загружено 23 апреля 2008
This documentary feature film examines the devastating what-if scenario, as well as the all-too-real history of public exposure to radiation - the silent, invisible ...

PJTV: Shoot First, Blog Later: Breitbart & Simon Go Shooting with TX Gov. Perry
Загружено 28 января 2010
Down at the local firing range, Governor Rick Perry has a posse of bloggers bearing arms and using them. Roger Simon talks to Andrew Breitbart, Patrick Ruffini, ...

PJTV: Starve the Beast: Can the House Kill ObamaCare By Simply Defunding It?
Загружено 8 февраля 2011
Guy Benson discusses the feasibility of defunding Obama's health care law. With Republicans controlling the House of Representatives, can the GOP majority ...

The Iran Deal Is a Victory for Obama Diplomacy Over Bush Warmongering (w/ Matt Duss)
Загружено 21 июля 2015
Matt Duss the President, Foundation for Middle East Peace, explains how President Obama's foreign policy views going back to his first run for President led to ...

quincy 912 38 Glenn Reynolds
Загружено 16 сентября 2009
Glenn Reynolds speaks about America's history of the people rising to challenge authority tracing the Tea Party movement and 912 Project back to the ...

Graves Says Defund ObamaCare, Dems Get Angry
Загружено 18 февраля 2011
On Feb. 18, 2011, Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA) asked the US House to defund ObamaCare's bureaucrats... then angry Democrats responded by trying to outlaw the ...

A Simple Question: Most Americans oppose the Patriot Act
Загружено 9 июня 2015
A new poll reveals that most Americans oppose the Patriot Act, which is used by the National Security Agency as a legal basis for spying on people. Yet despite ...

Nuclear Fallout
Загружено 19 марта 2010
When a nuclear reactor melts down, everything goes wrong.

Walid Shoebat On PJTV
Загружено 30 августа 2010
Why don't American's get it about Islam? It seems because Americans won't study or read the history of Islam they are just surrendering our nation to it's enemies ...

Little girl and father denied entrance at Obama event, watch as others let in
Загружено 10 августа 2012
An eight-year-old and her father were denied entrance into an Obama campaign event Thursday--even though they had tickets--then watched as other people ...

Загружено 15 марта 2011
f.n report / gleen beck show / politics behind atomic nuclear reactor and media / economy / people .

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