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The 2,000-Year-Old Grauballe Bog Man

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The 2,000-Year-Old Grauballe Bog Man
Загружено 5 декабря 2018
In 1952, two peat-diggers in Jutland, Denmark, stumbled across the remains of a 2,00-year-old man. Read more:

Tollund Man - The Most Well-preserved Body From Pre-historic Times In The World
Загружено 5 января 2019
Thanks for watching... Tollund Man is a naturally mummified corpse of a man who lived during the 4th century BC, during the period characterized in ...

X-ray of 2000 year old man
Загружено 19 мая 2011
Radiological investigation of the famous danish bog body The Grauballeman, Politikens Filmjournal 1952,

Bod Bodies From Northern Europe | Mummy Mysteries S1 EP3 | Shiver
Загружено 19 декабря 2019
From the swamps of Northern Europe emerge a series of mummified bodies. They all share the same dark secret, a violent and gruesome death. A bog body is a ...

This 2,400-Year-Old Corpse Is in Remarkable Condition
Загружено 1 декабря 2017
A murdered corpse in a remote wetland in Denmark is found to be over 2400 years old. What's more, the unique conditions of the bog have kept the body in an ...

World's oldest mummified bog body found in Europe
Загружено 6 ноября 2017
Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of a 4000-year-old man preserved in an Irish peat bog, marking the oldest European bog body ever found with skin ...

Grauballe man- The Ancient Bog body
Загружено 15 марта 2016

QED The Body in the Bog (1 of 2) 1985
Загружено 21 ноября 2011
QED charts the story of the discovery and investigation of a 2500-year-old murder victim found in a peat bog in Cheshire - the first Iron age bog body to be found ...

Grauballe Man
Загружено 23 ноября 2018

8 Incredible Archaeological Discoveries!
Загружено 22 февраля 2015
Incredible archaeological discoveries! These are some of the most intense ancient archaeological discoveries ever in human history. Today we look at 8 ...

grauballe man
Загружено 23 марта 2014

What is a Bog?
Загружено 2 июня 2015
So what exactly is a bog anyway? A short, educational, motion graphic animation that outlines the conditions of this unique ecosystem. Burns Bog Conservation ...

QED(The Body in The Bog)
Загружено 28 октября 2017
Aired in 1986 my version is different to the one already on you tube.

Legend of the Bog (2009) - Swamp Resurrection Scene (1/11) | Movieclips
Загружено 7 марта 2017
Legend of the Bog movie clips:

Tollund Man
Загружено 2 ноября 2020
The Tollund Man is a naturally mummified corpse of a man who lived during the 4th century BC, during the period characterised in Scandinavia as the ...

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