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The Bible never mentions original sin Jesus never mentioned the trinity. So why believe

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The Bible never mentions original sin; Jesus never mentioned the trinity. So why believe?
Загружено 20 января 2016
From out latest series with Dr. Ravia Zacharias entitled "Ravi Zacharias Answers Questions From Europe, the Middle East and America" This series can be purchased at

Original Sin and the Mysticism of the Bible
Загружено 2 июня 2016

On the Doctrine of Original Sin
Загружено 14 июня 2017
For more information visit:

Original Sin - Dr. Laurence Brown | Interfaith Issues - Episode 2
Загружено 1 июня 2011
Original Sin - Dr. Laurence Brown | Interfaith Issues - Episode 2 The concept of original sin is completely foreign to Judaism and Eastern Christianity, having achieved acceptance in only...

Christianity - Original sin does not exist and Jesus did not die for the sins
Загружено 6 июля 2016
Christians say that non-Christians will go to hell for the inherited sins of Adam. Original sin is not to be found in the Bible. It is a belief that came later ...

Wheres that in the Bible? - The Holy Trinity
Загружено 10 января 2013
Patrick Madrid.

929. Is The Trinity Biblical?
Загружено 16 января 2017
Jonathan McLatchie answers skeptics who question whether or not the Trinity is biblical.

Q & A: Original Sin
Загружено 20 мая 2014

Does Original Sin Make Sense?
Загружено 5 сентября 2017
Looking at a video that tries to explain original sin, and whether or not punishing all of humanity throughout time makes sense. Original video:

Adam's Posterity and Original Sin
Загружено 25 мая 2017
The Biblical definitions of sin; the absolute character of sin; the effect on posterity; 'seminal identity' and 'federal representative' theories discussed; original guilt proved from Scripture....

What is the Trinity | What does the Bible teach about the Trinity |
Загружено 22 мая 2017
What is the Trinity? Is Jesus God? Is the Holy Spirit God? What is the Holy Trinity? What does the Bible teach about the Trinity? Those are real questions that deserve ...

10 Trinity Myths
Загружено 23 октября 2017
For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, ...

Загружено 13 августа 2016
Did we inherit the incapability to stop sinning thanks to Adams original sin? If not, then what did we inherit? How can we repent if we cannot discontinue sinning? What does ...

Did the Jews in Jesus' time believe in original sin?
Загружено 16 мая 2015
Who was the first person to articulate original sin? Visit Us:

Загружено 6 октября 2016
Here are few verses that support the doctrine of the Trinity and allows it's concept. The doctrine of the Trinity holds that God is One Being consisting of three distinct persons. ...

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