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Загружено 23 июня 2014
poopsterbate Definition: To poopsterbate is to masturbate while defecating. Example: Some people relax by going to Hawaii. I poopsterbate. It's much less ...

poopsterbate meaning and pronunciation
Загружено 30 ноября 2014
To simultaneously poop and masturbate. My friend Daniel, who is undoubtedly a chronic poopsterbater, coined this phrase. poopsterbate definition by Urban ...

Poopsterbate (Urban Monday)
Загружено 9 апреля 2014
Today I discuss another word from the ever magical urban dictionary, today's word poopsterbate. I re-enact urban dictionary stuff on mondays music by ...

Bath Salt Zombies: Graveyards, Ghouls & Gore
Загружено 8 сентября 2014
0:00 Wicked Witch Intro 0:47 Witch Bitch 1:42 Necrophilia 2:55 Poopsterbate 4:31 Save The Twinkies 5:59 Zombie Baked 7:29 Danny Snuff 8:51 Late Night ...

Загружено 26 января 2015
Sadghetti Definition: When one eats spaghetti all alone, in a depressed state. Example: Since Rachel left me, sadghetti has become my specialty. In two weeks ...

Загружено 25 сентября 2013
Gynotician Definition: A politician who feels more qualified than women and their doctors to make women's health care decisions. A combination of the words ...

abc sex
Загружено 29 декабря 2014
abc sex Definition: When a couple only has sex on Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Christmas. Example: The only type of gum my daughter ever offers me is abc ...

What Is The Meaning Of Sapiophile?
Загружено 9 сентября 2017
Share this page, share on google, submit to reddit. What is the meaning of word sapiophile? Word hippo. I had no sapiosexual meaning, definition, what is a ...

Загружено 16 августа 2013
Bachewychomp Definition: Part of the incoherent language of genetically engineered clones. Example: "I think my clone is hungry because he just yell, 'Chomp, ...

Загружено 9 марта 2015
Hiberdating Definition: One who ignores all their other friends when they have a new boyfriend/girlfriend. Example: Usually Ally only hiberdates during the ...

Загружено 17 февраля 2014
HEADPHONE USERS BEWARE*** Leave a like if you enjoyed! :) Follow me on Twitter! https:///Thomas_Jeverson Check out TGN!

Загружено 9 августа 2013
TFSU Definition: An acronym for "The Fuck Shut Up" which is how Yoda would tell someone to STFU, or "Shut the Fuck Up." Example: "Do or do not. There is no ...

Power Fapping meaning and pronunciation
Загружено 30 ноября 2014
When you Masturbate so fast that your crotch catches on fire. Power Fapping definition by Urban Dictionary.

Загружено 30 июня 2014
Amazonukkah Definition: When Christmas becomes an 8 day long holiday because presents take longer to deliver from than anticipated by the ...

Загружено 6 октября 2014
pisshap Definition: A mishap generally involving the mass consumption of alcohol and a misdirection of urine to an area other than the toilet. Example: Oh no ...

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