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"Asshole" The Halo Music Video

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I started to study Machinima back around 2004; I joined the machinima scene around 2003 when I started to watch RvB, around that time I saw this music video for 'Asshole' on HBO (Halo.), this was WAY before I started making my own machinima. With the help of my friend Shard I began pulling together tools to make my own Machinima, this was the first video I really put my heart into. Now, while yes this had been made before, and yes the original is a classic, my version is my own personal classic. I didn't steal a single scene from the original. You could say that I filmed the exact same scenes for the exact same parts of the music video, but I never stole. This video was a test more then anything else, a test to see if my younger self could actually make Machinima. This video was a stepping point for me, please enjoy it for what it is. I have seen the word 'stolen' on his video a million times, and I would greatly enjoy it if that would stop. Thank you. :)

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