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Warning! Viewer discretion IS advised. 16+ Don't forget to like and subscribe! TERRORIST ATTACK IN THE NETHERLANDS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 may 2018 In Den Haag, Netherlands a terrorist with a knife wounded three people. Those persons where injured, but survived the accident. Witnesses heard the attacker shout: "allah akbar". Dutch police forces came to scene very quickly and shot the suspect in his leg. Later, the dutch quick response team was deployed to help assist the police officers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks alot for watching the video! We would be very pleased to see you subscribed to our channel. Also, dont forget to smash that like button on the video if you liked it. You can leave feedback in the comment section if you want to do so! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our channel is all about self-defense and fighting related stuff. Although we will post street fight video's, we do NOT encourage bullying, fighing, violence, rascism or discrimination! Watch at your own risk! We are hoping to see street fight tips on here aswell, but we're not sure if that will work out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, you may be wondering.. Who are these people and what is GFC? GFC stands for Gilze Fight Club and it is an fight club where it's original gym is in Gilze, Netherlands. Founded by three cousins who train with each other frequently. Specialties are: Judo, Teakwondo and kickboxing, also Brazilian Ji jitsu is practised alot at our gym. For self defense purposes, we train in krav maga as well.

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