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DOWNLOAD THE TRANSCRIPTION HERE: https://bit.ly/2AY7dMO Back at it with another transcription video, and this time I'm breaking down Gojira's "The Art of Dying" because Mario Duplantier is an absolute beast and it's always a treat to play along to his drumming. If you're gonna try to learn this track, I find that - rather than counting in odd time or anything - it's easier to approach it by learning the syncopated pattern between the kick and snare, play a steady quarter note pulse on the ride, and continue the pattern on the snare and kick until it loops back around to beat 1 again (hint: you'll end up playing the entire pattern through four times). After that, you play the 6/4 bar and then repeat the whole thing! I hope that all makes sense. I literally just woke up and haven't had enough coffee yet to figure out how to write fully cohesive sentences. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE DRUM VIDEOS! FOLLOW ME ON THINGS: /mikecdrums /mikecdrums /mikecdrums I do not own the rights to this song, no copyright infringement is intended. Drum audio recorded, mixed and mastered by me.

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