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Club Penguin - Earth Day Party 2012

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Club Penguin - Earth Day Party 2012 ( presented by Flyboy102 ) The club penguin Earth day party Finally Started, which all of you been waiting for, During the Earth day party we hang out and wear our animal costumes and we celebrate the Earth day. There is Only one Free item and that is the Safari helmet. you can pick it up at either Town or Plaza. also the collectable pin is Located at the Underground Cave/Pool, which is the forest Pin. Aunt arctic will be Waddling around The Club penguin island at Earth day Party 2012. Use our Tracker, so you Can find her and Get her stamp, and her photo graph and be friend with her. Links will be Below. Thanks For Watching this video. i Hope you enjoy it. Please Subscribe. and Don't Forget to Like the Video For showing you the Complete Walkthrough Guide, Cheats and Review of the Earth Day Party 2012. Aunt Arctic Tracker:

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