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Taking a Break 346

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Commercial Ad concept clip: Beautiful Blonde actress in early 20's decides to take a break and slip her shoes off at the food court. WHAT TO DO NEXT? Should she shop for new shoes at your store. Work on your software? Make a call on your service? This is an example of a short universal clip that may be used to make a point or advertise a product, or even multiple products, services, and companies at the same time It runs approx 1 min (adjustable to average commercial length, or a good start to a viral campaign!) These commercial campaign examples are often built around a Cinderella theme. The theme has played well with male and female audiences, is funny, and generates empathy (something every woman can relate to). The situation can move the young woman in a variety of directions story-wise.(ie. different stores, clothing, shoe styles, cell phones, transportation, a romantic prince charming meeting etc.) We provide stock video, and still photography. We are also capable of filming custom clips of nearly any length for a great value! Clip Copyright 2012 C-4 Interactive Media. To discuss how we may serve you best contact C4Media.Scott@

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