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Cold Spring at RR Family Spring Resort 4K

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Beat the heat this summer and experience the cool, calming and crystal clear spring water that will match the beautiful scenery for the whole family and friends at RR Family Spring Resort. RR Family Spring Resort is located in Tubigon, Maramag, Bukidnon, Philippines. For more info and reservation, visit their website (League of Unmanned Philippines Aerial Drones) is the codename for an initiative that aims to develop a new perspective on how we see the world. Follow us on Facebook: https:///ProjectLUPAD Follow us on Twitter: https:///ProjectLUPAD To all drone pilots and enthusiasts in the Philippines, join Drone Pilots Philippines https://(HD, Panorama or 360 degrees photo), aerial videography needs (4K, YouTube or Facebook Live Stream) and professional drone training, send us a message https://

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