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Reiza DLC pack sampler: Formula Vee, Guapore [rFactor 2]

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A 6-car, 5-lap race against 101% AIs around Guapore on the evil Formula Vee. I am using my quick flick turn-in (not as quick here due to the long turns), but a good solution to the tail-happy disposition of this training car. If you like the content, please like and subscribe to help this small channel grow. Bought the Reiza pack last night. After racing the MCR Sport 2000 around Guapore, I thought I'd also try everyone's favorite, but tricky, Formula Vee. Default setup, fuel load and tires. Fuel usage and tires at normal wear. Auto-clutch assist only. I reached second on the third lap. The lead AI escaped meanwhile and was almost three seconds up the road. Made a mess of the fourth lap, cutting only half a second. The last lap had to be very fast! The 101% AI laps around 1:27s, sometimes 1:26s. I am faster than the AIs at this level, but it is hard to race the AIs because they tend to be very defensive and take extremely bad lines just to push you to the curbs. They sometimes block very late going into a turn. Not a big deal in other cars, but on an F-Vee, any steering, throttle or braking adjustment is magnified and the car ends up sideways. I started racing for 10 laps against 20 cars, but the mid-field pack is impossible to clear quickly, so catching the top three becomes frustrating. Settled with a far smaller field and had more fun. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and ring the bell to be alerted to new episodes. Hope you are entertained by the tense drama of these quick races. I enjoy making them, even if some take a long time to perfect and are stressful sometimes when tracks do not lend itself to passing opportunities, the AI is stubborn, and contact is made over many failed attempts.

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