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Don't Drink and Swim

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(predictably) messy. Before the routine, the swimmers drank until their average blood alcohol content (BAC) was 0.084. The limit for legally driving in the US is a BAC of 0.08. Normally adept at synchronized swimming, the athletes' drunken attempts were disorganized and disoriented. As a safety precaution, Trygg-Hansa had a team of lifeguards and a rescue diver at the ready. "No one was close to drowning, but some of them needed help to get up from the pool," said Johan Eriksson, Trygg-Hansa's communications head, told Quartz. "This however shows the problem with alcohol and swimming in real life — hubris, extra risk-taking and the need of help, [which] people don't always get when they are out swimming on their own." The stunt was performed as part of the "Don't Drink and Dive" campaign, which is aimed at curtailing drunken swimming in Sweden.

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