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Can wearing lower prescription glasses help improve my eyesight?

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- Buy Prescription Glasses Online. No More Than $39, Styles Update Everyday. Now Enjoy Buy 1 Get 1 Free to Get 2 pairs of Rx Glasses from $19, No more than $39. Click: (that are my right prescription,) and use my glasses instead, is there a chance of my overall eye sight improving? Update: Quote: You were wearing your glasses, and your eyes got worse, right? So why would you think that continuing to wear those glasses would make your eyesight better? My Reply: No, I wore my prescribed contact lenses while my vision continued to get worse. I never used my glasses. This is why I thought that maybeI could retrain my eyes; use the glasses that have a lower power and see if my eyes are able to adjust to that instead of being so dependent on my contacts. Its really not about your eyes getting dependent. If for example your eyesight was about muscle strength then it would make sense that your eyes would be dependent. But it isn't. Its about the shape of your eye which teh contacts/glasses dont' affect. As you grow the shape changes so you start wearing glasses/contacts and then your eyesight gets worse. You think the two are connected but in fact they aren't. There isnt' anything you can do other than stop growing. All that will happen if you dont' wear the rigth perscription is that you wont' be able to see as well. Sometimes you can think you aer seeing better as your brain gets used to poorer eyesight and uses tricks to cope, but an eyesight test wont' show it is as good and in fact you are just stop noticing that your eyesight isnt' good. I want to get a lower prescription glasses.? My current prescription is currently OD: SPH: 1.5 CYL: -0.5 AXIS: 015 OS: SPH: 1.5 CYL: -0.5 AXIS: 170 Could you advise me how to order lower prescription glasses for usage such as for computer etc. I was thinking SPH: 1.25 but what would the astigmatism be in that case? Thanks and please dont try to discourage me. Your prescription is incomplete because it lacks a + or - sign . SPH (sphere) can indicate two things and it depends on the sign. If your SPH value is -1.5, then you're nearsighted (or short-sighted or myopic, it's all the same) and a lower prescription is an excellent idea . If SPH is +1.5 , then you're farsighted (hyperopic or longsighted , if you prefer) and a lower prescription is not a good idea at all. CYL (cylinder) always indicates the astigmatism and nothing else,regardless of the sign. The axis indicates the orientation of the astigmatism. I suppose your SPH is -1.5 and if you can comfortably use the computer without any glasses, then don't use them. If you have already tried and you feel you need some kind of glasses, then dont' waste money on a SPH -1.25 or SPH -1.00, because it's such a tiny difference that it's almost irrelevant. A lower prescription for such a short distance (computer, books etc) should be at least a whole diopter lower, in you case from SPH -1.5 to SPH -0.50. You can leave the Cylinder as it is, because astigmatism is not distance-related as nearsightedness. Do not change the axis, because that number doesn't indicate the strength of your astigmatism, but just its orientation and if you change it you wouldn't see well. As I already said, sometimes a lower prescription can be no prescription at all. Every time you can see well without glasses, don't use them. I'm sure you need no glasses to read a book, because for such a short distance your natural eyesight is more than enough. I'm not sure about the computer screen because it depends on how far it is, while a book is usually held at the same distance by everyone. if you're interested in keeping your eyesight from getting worse, it's very important to use much lower prescription or no prescription at all when distance is very short, but it would also be very helpful to use a lower prescription even when you're looking far away and you don't need a perfect eyesight. When distance is not very short (staying at home, watching tv, or even going out for a walk) a lower prescription should be just a bit lower, for instance SPH -1.25 or -1.00, not less. View the whole video at https://

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