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Can you SURVIVE the strongest attack in Dark Souls 3?

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It's time for some useless data! So what is the strongest attack in the game & is it possible to survive it? LET'S FIND OUT! Many thanks to Nondas Gousoplousus on twitter who suggested "Can you survive a barrage of ruin archers without blocking?". Got me thinking if this WAS the strongest attack. Now we know! -----------------TL:DW & BONUS NOTES----------------- - The first step is simply identifying the strongest attack. There are some good contenders. Midir's lazor beams, Old Demon King final explosion, Aldrich's 1000 arrows. - But the strongest is the Judicators summons! (if you do consider the screech as an "attack", inb4 semantic debates) The strongest being approx 10 archer phantoms who fire 3 arrows each. Even at SL125 + HP rings it easily can cut you down in a few arrows. - But standing at the 1st bonfire, close the the bridge he will summon 25ish ARCHER's instead! Oh dear... - For this we need the MAX THRUST DEFENSE, which comprises of Morne's Helm, Executioners Leggings, Havel's Gauntlets and Cathedral knight armor. - The rings you want are the LIFE RING+3, RING OF FAVOR+3, RING OF STEEL PROTECTION+3 & BLUE TEARSTONE RING. - You now have the choice of the Havel's shield STONESKIN buff or IRONFLESH. They are indentical and don't stack. - You cannot stack the miracle DEEP PROTECTION for bonus defense. - Finally you can spam the weapon art PERSEVERANCE. The weapons defense values are NOT considered and the only difference being how long the buff lasts. But spamming means we don't need to account for this window. - With ALL of this together WITH the max soul level of 802. We have a whopping 250 thrust defense & 85.827 THRUST ABSORPTION! ] - We also have the max HP of 2122! - With this set up you can block ALL the arrows. - But trying this again in NG7 onwards it becomes impossible. You can't even BLOCK the arrows with the highest stability shield anymore! - Unless you simply use GREAT MAGIC SHIELD. Then you can block whatever you damn please! ------MUSIC CREATIVELY COMMONED----- Chill Wave - Single Dream-Barbie Fashion Show OST Disaster Theme 2 -Disaster Day of Crisis OST Sentinel - Magna Carta 2 OST

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