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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, September 29, 09:00 GMT

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Government Offensive to Retake Kunduz Security forces have launched an offensive to retake the city of Kunduz from the Taliban. The US has also reported it has conducted air strikes on the city. The Taliban raided Kunduz early on Monday morning. It’s the first provincial capital the Taliban has captured since it lost power when the US invaded Afghanistan 14 years ago. Anti-ISIS Coalition May Grow President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is considering joining the US-led coalition against ISIS. But he said it would only launch air strikes if the UN approved them.The Russian president spoke to the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday after he met US President Barack Obama. Putin insists countries must work with Syrian President Bashar al Assad to confront ISIS. He’s said that overthrowing Assad could lead to a failed state. Dujuan Makes Landfall Typhoon Dujuan hit Taiwan on Monday night with wind gusts of up to 227 kilometres per hour More than 12 thousand people have been evacuated. It killed two people and injured more than 300.. Forecasters had categorised Dujuan as a ‘super typhoon’ but Taiwan downgraded it to ‘moderate’ when it made landfall. Nearly half a million people are still without power. The typhoon weakened as it hit China and media have reported no damage in southeastern Fujian province. Anti-Mine Protests Officials say police shot at farmers who were protesting against the construction of a copper mine. They say the demonstrators had trespassed onto the mine. Police killed at least three people and wounded 17. The president of Peru, Ollanta Humala says the Las Bambas mine project is the country’s largest. Peru is the world’s third biggest copper producer and it earns 60 percent of its export revenue from the mineral. But farmers often protest against the development of new mines. Facebook: https://

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