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Dirt Don't Hurt Festival 2017

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Dirt Don't Hurt festival is a small and intimate family-friendly charity music festival, the first of which took place on 21-23rd July 2017 in the beautiful secret countryside near Poole with a hidden woods tipi and a giant fire pit. The idea for the festival began in July 2016, when the world lost one of its good souls and one of our good friends to Melanoma. Amy Fullilove was a true party spirit, creative legend and all round beautiful human being. Music was a shared passion and we spent many happy times with Amy at gigs, festivals and listening to music. And whilst this started as a commemorative event it evolved into so much more. A charity music festival open to all, supporting some excellent but little known musicians and raising money for a great cause! When Amy's condition deteriorated, she had to spend the last part of her life in Thames Hospice. The Hospice provides expert care and support to people dealing with life changing illnesses so we thought this would be a great way to offer them support back. So, all proceeds raised from Dirt Don't Hurt festival are being donated to Thames Hospice Amy was a great artist, and 'Dirt Don't Hurt' was her art name. So, the festival name was born and her self portrait was used to create the festival graphics.

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