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PVRIS "What's Wrong" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

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PVRIS is a electro-punk trio hailing from Lowell, Massachusetts. Things really started to pick up after the release of their 2014 debut album 'White Noise,' which peaked at No. 8 on Billboard’s US Alternative Albums chart. Their second album is August’s 'All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell,' which features the single “What’s Wrong.” The track is garnering all sorts of engagement, with over 6.3 million Spotify streams and 2.3 million views of its official video. The Blake Harnage-produced song is an honest admission of how fame can wear you down, especially when you aren’t chasing it. Read more on Genius: https:///a/pvris-breaks-down-what-s-wrong-on-genius-video-series-verified Read all the lyrics to "What's Wrong" on Genius: https:///Pvris-whats-wrong-lyrics Subscribe to Genius:

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