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Burn - the bait

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Burn - The Bait/"Cleanse" 2001 Lyrics: The bait is here. You are breast fed lies that you nourish your conscious with obey your captors the story has been written out and you are the heavy you live but not all of your life you fight but not all of your fight you dream but not all of your dreams you've taken the bait. Follow their rules and be led to extinction no hybrids or self thinkers need apply Total rule is their plan dehumanization of man You breathe life but don't know what it's like there's no spirit but just endless nights you scream but don't know what it means Bait is given to lure our minds into a lulled sense of change then we're controlled and that's our end The world revolves around them they control our lives if permission is granted If we are to survive this mental slavery then we shall understand that it's all a plan they're killing us now but we can overcome it somehow

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