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MILITARY HELICOPTER CRASH An Afghan military helicopter crashed in the province of Zabul in southern Afghanistan. Five crew and 12 soldiers were killed. The country’s Defence Ministry says the crash is under investigation. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for downing the aircraft. This is one of the worst crashes the Afghan military has experienced since NATO and the US ended their combat missions in the country last year. MIGRANT BOAT CAPSIZES Rescuers say they don’t expect to find any more survivors from a migrant boat that capsized off the coast of Libya on Wednesday. Nearly 400 people have been rescued. The UN says that of the 600 people on board, 25 have been confirmed dead. The International Organization for Migration says that more than two thousand asylum seekers have died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea this year, and 188 thousand have been rescued. US CONFIRMS ANTI-ISIS AIR STRIKE Washington has confirmed it has carried out its first air strike against ISIS from a Turkish air base. The US began flying armed drones last week. But the Pentagon says this was the first lethal action the US has launched from Turkey. Turkey agreed to allow the US to use its Incirlik air base last month. IMF UNDECIDED ON GREEK BAILOUT The representative for Sweden of the International Monetary Fund said the fund would decide whether it is to participate in Greece’s third bailout this fall. He called the public sector of Greece inefficient and its pension system expensive. He also noted that corruption in Greece is a big problem. The IMF was involved in Greece’s first two bailouts. The country is currently in talks for a third bailout worth 94 point 5 billion dollars.

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