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SSB Wii U - End of Miiverse (Luigi)

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The 2nd unlockable character and bravest fighter in the roster. Also the misfire in person, also known as Luigi. As you may know, Miiverse is going to be discontinued soon and that'll most likely mean that the Smash replay uploader might be gone since it kind of relies on Miiverse whenever you upload a video through it. I don't have a capture card, and don't plan to get one soon, so yeah, no more Smash videos for a while if the replay uploader is gone. I decided to make a last mini series featuring the original 12 from Super Smash Bros. Some of these videos will be casual games, while others won't, so expect a bit of everything (except doubles). With this said, enjoy the videos, and see you on the next ones. Players: Pavel (Luigi), Adam (Cloud)

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