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[-----------------------Open the Description-----------------------] That's cool that you opened ^_^ The videos of Un'Eng are made all by hand, in order to have the cuts slowed the exact hours and made as pauses music. Un'Eng is made from fan to fan. We hope you enjoy our work. We have a proposal to help kpoppers learn the choreography... If you like, be sure to sign up for the channel to like and share the tutorial. Hope you like it!! ^-^ MUSIC: K.A.R.D - Dont Recall DANCE PRACTICE *No Copyright Infringement Intended

Вы смотрели видео онлайн по поисковой фразе K.A.R.D - DON'T RECALL (TUTORIAL SLOWED & MIRRORED). Если найденное видео онлайн K.A.R.D - DON'T RECALL (TUTORIAL SLOWED & MIRRORED) Вам понравилось и Вы удовлетворили свои потребности киномана, можете поделиться впечатлениями ниже...

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