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*MAKE SURE TO WATCH IN 1080* y'all we eating goooood! I honestly am so glad Jimin did THAT all IN ENGLISH LIKE A MAN HE IS! and of course jungkook kills also, but damn I love both my mans! I know my reaction wasn't like insane, but honestly I was moved man. I am extremely proud. ♡I hope you enjoyed the video lmao♡ ⇾ IG: isabelthegirl IS MY OFFICIAL IG my personal is isaubell ⇾ Twitter: Isaubell lololol my stan twitter is taesguccihoe ⇾ SC: isauuubel1 ☾ kpop playlist https://itunes./us/playlist/feelin-lik-issa-poppin/idpl.fd4f4756f9fe4e14b0de27178ca0b643 ☽ *if you want me to react to any songs/music videos lmk* ✍ credit to bts/company/owners/of this song! I do not own nor take credit for the song used in this reaction ☼ contact me @ isabelthegirl17@ or any of my social media ☼

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