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Memorial for Summer Phelps

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As of January 2009, Jon & Adriana Lytle will be serving the rest of their lives in prison. Jon got 75 years & Adriana got 62, both without parole. I wasn't going to post non-political videos on this channel but prayers are needed for Summer's mother who lives each day in a Hell. This is a video that I made for Summer's angel date, March 10, 2007 ( 1st anniversary last year). I live on the opposite side of the country & couldn't be there in person for the memorial where Summer died. It is important to Summer's mother for people to know that Summer knew "love", too. I tried to capture Summer the child before she lived with her poor excuse for a father and step-monster.If you are Christian, PLEASE include Elizabeth Phelps in your prayers. No mother should know this type of pain. I never had the honor of knowing Summer Marie but I love her Mom like a daughter.

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