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►Don't Stop MEP◄ {SACS}

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Hi everyone! Katie here! After almost 8 months, here is the final MEP! I'm really sorry for such a long wait. People weren't replying, people couldn't hand in their parts, I had to replace some people, my computer wasn't working... It was a BIIIG mess. But here is the final product of all of our waiting. On my opinion, I think that the wait was worth it! Anyways, about this MEP... This is Sweet As Candy Studios's first MEP, and I think that everyone did an INCREDIBLE job. Let me just say that as leader of this group, I'm so proud of all of you and I LOVE your work, and I really appreciate that you're a part of the team. :3 This is an absolutely amazing MEP, and I thank each and every one of you that participated, I really love this MEP. I can't wait to see our next one! :D GraduPaula, GNGLuver, I apologize. I was missing a part and thought that it was part 4, and I got all mixed up and stuff, so you both ended up doing part 4, and so since they were both so awesome, I split each of your parts in 2, so you would each have that half so no one would have to redo it... I'm really sorry. ;w; Also, thanks to 1Darkness for doing 2 parts, it's really appreciated~! :3 Now, here's a list of everyone who participated in this MEP. Go sub them all right now!! xD : Part 1: IAmOfMyOwnDesign () Part 2: watermellonfuzz () Part 3: Celebfan14 (no longer on Youtube) Part 4: GraduPaula () Part 5: GNGLuver () Part 6: 1Darkness100 () Part 7: glamorgirl102 (No longer on Youtube) Part 8: mimitchi880 () Part 9: BerryBellIchigo () Part 10: katiecoopuppy888 () Part 11: keithtreason () Part 12: StrataTheThief () Part 13: 1Darkness100 () The song is Don't Stop by Innerpartysystem, but due to copyright issues, it has been pitchchanged and sped up.

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