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INCREDIBLE Discoveries Made In Water

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With 71% of our earth covered in water, it seems like a very obvious place to hide things, toss things, lose things and sometimes to even close or start a new chapter in one’s life. You know that part in the movie when the wedding ring is removed from the ring finger and it’s tossed into the canal, ocean, river – wherever! Where it becomes interesting, is when those items are finally discovered… Subscribe to Talltanic "California Riviera.” It was during the 40’s and 50’s that this beach town was thriving and full of people, fun and life! However, chemicals from a farm runoff changed all that. The animals didn’t make it and then in the 70’s a flood covered the whole area with water. The Salton Sea has been shrinking over the years, and has now revealed the houses and mobile homes that used to be brimming with activity. It’s got a definite post-apocalyptic feel to it. It will never return to its former glory, but people do love to visit this little ghost town.

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