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Government's avoidable omission for soldiers (English)

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The Union Government has got into an avoidable controversy on the One Rank One Pension (OROP) issue. Since the matter had been pending for the past few decades, the ex-servicemen were eagerly waiting for a conclusive mention of the issue in the Finance Minister's Budget speech this year. Finding no mention of the issue, there was wide resentment among the 35 lakh or so ex-servicemen and their families in the country. In order to seek a clarification a 5-member delegation of the Indian Ex-servicemen Movement (IESM) led by Major General Satbir Singh met the Union Defence Minister, Manohar Parrikar on Monday. This movement has been taking up this issue for the past many years. The Defence Minister assured them that since the matter had already been taken up in previous budgets and stood approved in Parliament, it was not felt necessary to include it in this years's budget. He said that the file was being moved to the Union Finance Ministry before it is put up to the Cabinet Committee for Political Affairs (CCPA). Though the members of the Indian Ex-servicemen Movement were satisfied with the meeting, I still feel that a mention of the subject in the Budget Speech would have allayed the fears of the ex-servicemen community. Even now, the Government should give a clear deadline on by when and how the OROP would be implemented. This is necessary since the matter has been pending for too long and many a soldier passed away waiting for the wrong to be corrected. This is important since the morale of the serving soldiers is directly linked with the well-being of their retired brethren.

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