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KILLER CLOWN RUN OVER Clown Sighting (Original Video)

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THESE CLOWNS DON'T PLAY. Clown sighting in Houston, TX Watch part 2: Clown Run Over (The Aftermath) https://youtu.be/3a8JDhqr-zM Original twitter video I posted: https:///AndrewProTV/status/783856756355059713 Just so you guys know, this video is a prank on the people in the back seat of the car. Blake and I set it up and were acting the whole time. We actually did run over our friends foot while filming this, he's fine thankfully. Read the description of part 2 for a full explanation behind all this. In this Clown sighting prank, we were driving around at night with a group of friends who had no idea what was going to happen. Blake gets out of his truck to beat up a clown, and hits him with a bat. Once the clown is down he proceeds to "run him over". But that wasn't enough to stop him, he comes running back at the truck with his broom and hops on the back of, while everyone who isn't in on it is screaming in fear. Honestly it's crazy how viral this went, broom clown has pretty much turned into a meme now. Visit my website if you would like to contact me: (CLOWN SIGHTINGS): https://youtu.be/mZVdsgWebHA FaZe Adapts reaction video: The creepiest clown videos caught on camera: https://youtu.be/HjUMTLKFLzU Watch Top15s video (mine made #2): Top 15 Scariest Clown Sightings Videos https://youtu.be/Il_KGsw2miI?t=10m34s RiceGum's video: https://(Diss Track) KILLER CLOWNS! Casanova's reaction video: KILLER CLOWN RUN OVER! Clown Sightings Reaction https://(What do they want) https://

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