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Sir Psyko and his Monsters - Ballad (live @Wild at Heart)

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taken from the live record "Welcome to our hell" available as CD + DVD at (DVD) taken from psychobillyonline.de written by: The O´Prez What a combination. Sir Psyko And His Monsters, Crazy Love Records and Bunker Video. This review could end right here as you know you're in for a quality release with that concoction. SPAHM seem to have risen to the heights of psychobilly royalty out of nowhere but it's not by luck of the draw; their success is driven by an abundance of talent. As for Crazy Love Records, well that label is synonymous with quality and Billy Tombstone and Bunker Video are doing for psychobilly in the new millennium what Jettisoundz did in the 80s only with much more panache. Anyway, Crazy Love seems to have timed this DVD release of SPAHM to perfection. Although recorded in January of this year at the Wild At Heart in Berlin the whole thing exudes a real Halloween atmosphere and with All Hallows' Eve almost upon us the timing couldn't be any better. Maybe it's the décor of the venue, the lighting, definitely the music, whatever it is the whole thing has a real late October vibe which of course is every self-respecting psychobilly's favourite time of year. Not only is the camera work and editing by Tombstone and Co. of the highest standard (as we've come to expect from Bunker Video) but sound wise you'd be forgiven for thinking that SPAHM went back in to the studio and over dubbed things...it's THAT good! These boys are tight and very well rehearsed and it shows. For anyone new to SPAHM (anyone outside the scene I suppose) I'd recommend they start their education here as the production quality is on a par with their studio albums but unlike the restrictions of that format, this adds visual delights in equal helpings to that of the aural. I've come across a few reviews of psychobilly material by (and I use the term lightly) "the music press" which basically slates the genre. More often than not these reviews are written by clueless snobs who don't know their arse from their elbow. They spout the same old bollocks that psychobilly died in its infancy in the 80s and its remnants are nothing more than a handful of balding, overweight sad cases clutching to the memories of their youth in the vain attempt to somehow revive the pulse of the (according to them) long since dead genre that was for 5 minutes the darling of "the music press" until they decided it was shite and moved on to something else. Well fuck 'em. They didn't have a clue when psychobilly was in its infancy and they haven't a clue now. If they ever needed proof that what they say should be filed under "U" for "Utter Tripe" then this footage of SPAHM would result in case closed. We win! Not only are Sir Psyko And His Monsters an almost pubescent bunch but the crowd they attract are much the same. Playing to a packed house with a sea of shark fin quiffs and lolitas gyrating up front gagging for a bit of Sir Psyko's big bull fiddle. Fuck me I went on a bit of a rant in that previous paragraph eh? But anyway if you can't catch SPAHM live any time soon then this is the perfect substitute. There's plenty of bonus footage too making the whole package even more enticing. Need I say more? Just go out and buy it for Jaysus sake! The O'Prez

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