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Top deadly persons and wars (Part 2 of "People & Wars those change the history entirely")

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All videos uploaded just for knowledge and also about information sharing purpose only. We never target to specific persons, places, government, department etc., The User can understand the videos as according to their mindset. If anybody hurt or having any type of claim i.e. copyright, piracy, duplication, then contact us the email address given below. (Doesn’t copy paste anything from our channel; otherwise we will initiate legal proceedings against you) For any query, don’t hesitate to contact: secretofsecretssos@ We will appreciate your suggestions, complaints and all others. Kindly subscribe our channel for latest updates Sun Tzu said: "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting". and also "War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other's children". JIMMY CARTER, Nobel Lecture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . war, india, pakisatn, hitler, joseph stalin, nagasaki, heroshima, japan, america, usa, uk, afghanishtan, kashmir, world war1, germany, world war 2, africa, bosnia, vietnam, dead, deadly wars, history, 19, injuries, hospital, food,funny,top funny,funny clips,how to,what is,top,terrorist,terrorism,sucide attack,iraq,palestine,israel Funny, fun, top funny, new funny, updated funny, chill, chilled, fully chilled, full chilled, extreme fun, top funny, top 5 funmu, top 10 funny, extra funny, full funny, fully funny, whatsapp videos, viral videos, sit, shitty ideas trending, facebook funny, secret funny, funny clips, funny clips 2016, just for laugh, gags, new gags, gags 2016, just for laugh 2016, pranks, best pranks, funny pranks, top pranks, funny pranks, horror pranks, deadly pranks, pranks 2016, local videos, sexy, sex, hidden cam sex, hardcore, porn, pornography, fully sexy, Hollywood, Hollywood secrets, actors, actresses, top actresses, Hollywood sex, Bollywood, Bollywood actresses, Bollywood sex, Bollywood hidden sex vides, salman khan, shahrukh khan, kapil sharma, kapil sharma show, the kapil sharma show, comedy nights, comedy nights with kapil, comedy nights bachao, entertainment, sunil grover, dr mashoor gulati, dr gulatti, chadda sab, kapil sharma net worth, kapil sharma wife, kapil sharma issue, facebook, yahoo, gmail, google, twitter, instagram, viber, skype, pc games, games for pc, pokemon, pokemon go, subway surfer, glasses, sun glasses, ray ban glasses, games for mobiles, tricks, new tricks, top tricks, mr gear, top 5 tricks, buzz feed, food, buzz feed yellow, breakfast, recipes, very easy recipes, aamir khan, karina kapoor, Katrina kaif, new dress (dresses), deepika padukone, deepika padukone age, deepika padukone marriage, iifa awards, lux awards, star guild awards, sony awards, colors awards, emmy awards, nigar awards, hum tv, geo tv, geo news, geo kahani, geo teez, dawn news, channel, bbc, bbc urdu, cnn, fox news, new york times, nasa, universe, darzi (tailor), tailor master, bbq, bar be que, bar b q, spicy, meat, mutton, beef, knife (knives), sharp knife (knives), pardesi, taimoor perdesi, sham idrees, zaid ali, Pakistan Cattle Expo / Qurbani Documentory, documentary, qurbani, takbeer, decoration, government, india, pathan, pushtoon, sindhi, muttahida, lal masjid, Peshawar, talat hussain, Dr. shahid masood, kamran khan, jawab dehy, iftikhar ahmed, Attitude, etc., tawaf, maidan e Arafat, masjid e nabvi (ALLAH tala nabi pak par karoron darood nazil kary) (saw), karachi, Tehreek-e-Insaf, pti, Imran Khan, MQM, Altaf Hussain, Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto, Lahore, Punjab, punjaabi, Aaj, Geo, Ary, television, Pakistan, ppp, pmln, pml n pmlq, anp, capital talk, Musharraf, Bhutto, Mohajir, Sindh, nwfp, khayber pakhtunkhawa, kpk, usa, indian, uk, uae, un, france, italy, bangladesh, australia, muritious, africa, birds, kasai, eid, islam, pets, animal, internet, account, facebook,c lash of clans, payment, youtube, masjid e nabvi (ALLAH tala nabi pak par karoron darood nazil kary) (saw), tawaf, maidan e Arafat, sweet dish

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