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How to Make Mint Extract! Noreen's Kitchen

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Greetings! Not long ago I watched "The Swede" make his own toothpaste, in the comments, TEW made a comment about how expensive the mint extract was I commented back to him and told him how to make it. Then I realized that my own mint needed to be trimmed back quite a bit and this was a good opportunity to make this video showing how to make the spearmint extract or tincture. Not only is this a good flavoring and a base for your own Creme de Menthe, but it is also a good herbal medicine that can be used to calm a sour stomach and/or reduce vomiting. If you have your own mint patch/pot, trim it back, cram it in a jar and fill it with vodka at least 80 proof and wait 6 weeks for the botanical oils to do their magic. I hope you try this and I hope you enjoy it! As always, Happy Eating!

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