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Eighty-six Part II Update 2

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Hello everyone! Here is another update on on 86 part 2! I know that not everyone agrees with my strange method of doing my projects. For those of you who were with me during the time of TW3TBE, Ive said again and again about part 4 coming soon, but as everyone knows, life does take some time away from that. Part 4 is still coming, but it is postponed! When the opportunity came for me to start working on my dream about 86, I took that chance. Since TW3TBE is a longer and much more in depth story, I have decided to postpone it until the completion of 86. I have said that many times, and I have my reasons. You may or may not agree, but I find it more efficient if I complete 86 before TW3TBE as part 2 will be the last part. TW3TBE, on the other hand, is looking at two other parts before the completion of that story. I hope this clears up some stuff with some of you, but if you have any specific questions, send me a personal message or email me at sumikooneesan@. ~SumikoOneeSan

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