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WLS or Nah? Why I Didn't Do It | RicaTheWanderer

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Hey beautiful people! It's another Thursday & I'm back with yet another video for you all. I got the question of why I chose not to have weight loss surgery so many months ago (at least 6 lol) so I figured I'd finally respond to it. I honestly give props those who have weight loss surgery, I happen to believe that you all are so brave. As I said in the video, if I ever decide to have it then that's just what the hell I'm gonna do lol. But I hope you all enjoy the video. I appreciate you all watching, I'm so grateful! Have an amazing week & I'll catch ya'll next week! ————————————————————— Hey beautiful people! My name is Rica (aka @RicaTheWanderer) and I’m a new fish in this big sea we all know and love called YouTube. I came on here to share a bit of my journey thus far in the battle with the bulge (or as most people call it “weight loss”). Honestly I don’t like to call it that, my story is about much more than weight loss. Most of my life I spent my time in the shadows, hiding behind closed doors & using my weight as an excuse as to why. In September 2005 I was hospitalized with a severe case of pneumonia, an undiagnosed diseased thyroid, topping the scales at over 900lbs. I was a mere 10 hours from death so needless to say I was at my rock bottom. But since that moment I have been fighting against all odds & regaining the control I'd lost. I’ve managed to lose over 600lbs (over the course of 10 years) but I’ve found that I still deal with a lot of those ideals and mental struggles that come from obesity. I was still hiding parts of myself. In October 2015 I decided to step out of my routine & make myself a bit uncomfortable by sharing my story with the world. I still have no idea what will come of this journey for me, but I CAN say that with every video the message is getting clearer for me. Feel free to subscribe and come along for the fun. I promise I’m a good time! Oh & p.s. I love cursing so I do it often, just a heads up 😄 ————————————————————— NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!! Subscribe to come along for the ride: https://goo.gl/GHKxS1 ⬇︎Follow me on social media⬇︎ Website:

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