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TRT World - World in Two Minutes, 2015, November 5, 09:00 GMT

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Bomb may have caused crash Officials from the US and UK say a bomb may have downed a Russian passenger plane in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula last weekend. Earlier this week, the US reported that satellite images showed a heat flash just before the plane broke apart. But officials say it couldn’t have been a missile, as claimed by an affiliate of Daesh. Russian media have also reported that data from the jet’s flight recorders revealed what they called ‘unusual sounds’ from the cockpit just before the crash. Russia has sent missile systems to Syria The head of Russia’s air force says Moscow has sent missile systems to Syria to protect its own military forces there. Colonel General Viktor Bondarev said Russia has “calculated all possible threats”. It also sent fighter jets, bombers and helicopters. Russia’s foreign minister met United Nations Syria envoy Staffan de Mistura on Friday in Vienna. He also had talks with diplomats from 17 other nations to discuss the future of Syria. Key to the talks was whether Syrian President Bashar al Assad should remain in power. Protests continue despite resignations About 30-thousand people in Bucharest have protested against government corruption for a second night. Prime Minister Victor Ponta and his government resigned on Tuesday following a similar protest. The demonstrations began after a nightclub fire killed 32 people. People blame corruption for the club’s failure to comply with safety regulations. Ponta is already on trial in a separate case that also involves corruption. Possible Fed rate hike impacts Asia Asian stock markets are lower after the US Federal Reserve’s announcement of a possible interest rate hike in December. On Wall Street, stocks closed lower on Wednesday. The Australian market opened down on Thursday. But the Japanese market, due to the weakened yen against the US dollar is notably higher. South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Indonesia are also lower. China is up by more than 1 percent, while Hong Kong and Malaysia are also up with modest gains. Facebook: https://

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