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Vintage Christmas Post Cards

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I first became interested in vintage postcards when I inherited several portfolios of cards from an Aunt many years ago. They sparked in me an interest which has lasted to this day. The cards in this slide show are a sampling of the older Christmas postcards that I have. Some have been used which helped with the dating of them, others have a date on them, others one can date by the picture, the greeting offered on the card or by the clothing worn by the person in the picture. Postcards were very popular at the turn of the 18th Century. Today we mostly send just cards in the mail or the increasingly popular Ecards but back then well-wishers frequently delivered their cards personally. Because there wasn't divided backs on early postcards the address of the recipient took up all the room so it isn't unusual to see a message written on the front. Today, many only remember music boxes as jewelry cases with a rotating dancing girl, or as powder holders. Back when these cards were in vogue, most households had music boxes that played a wide variety of music. The music was played from a large disk or cylinder that had little hooks which plucked a bar of a precise length which in turn produced a sound. Some music boxes had bells which enhanced the sound. Remember, there were no radios, TV's, and few movies back then so the music box was a favored form of home entertainment along with the piano. I do not have copyrights on either the cards or the music used in this slide show. It is my hope that you enjoy this display of what our great great grandparents sent out at Yule Tide! I had wonderful fun scanning my cards and selecting the music just for you! I hope everyone has a wonderful and Blessed Christmas. And remember: Jesus is the Reason for the Season! Be well! Nina

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