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Why Bad Luck is Good

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Can bad luck be a good thing? Comedian Adam Carolla, best-selling author and the world's most popular podcaster, well understands this riddle. He's lived it. Using examples from his own life, he explains that learning to deal with adversity is a key to success. Thus, everybody needs some bad luck: it's how you prepare yourself for the curve balls life throws you. Donate today to PragerU! (That’s how my cousin went.) But the point is, yes we’re all lucky to be standing on this planet without a horrible disease. And I understand there are certain people that are super unlucky and have things like tumors and bronchitis and that sort of thing. We dodged that bullet. So, your dad could own a Ferrari dealership. That would put you at the top. Or you could be born without your limbs. That would put you on the bottom. But then there’s the middle, and the middle is where 99% of us reside. And what I’m trying to tell you is don’t count on luck. Rely on hard work. Look at life as a prize fight, and you’ve got to get up and do road work every morning. And you’ve got to work that heavy bag, and you’ve got to work that speed bag, and you’ve got to work that double-ended bag. (What’s a double-ended bag? That’s that one in the middle. It’s got the bungee cord on each side. It’s cool. Anyway, I digress.) For the complete script, visit https://

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