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If You Dislike My Snook Fishing Videos, Don't Watch This

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Finally the conditions were right for catching Snook in this location. The first time I fished this pier I knew there had to be some decent sized Snook hanging out there. All the elements are in this location to attract these fish, structure, night lights, shadows, strong current and plenty of bait. It took about six trips to this river pier to produce what I consider to be a really good night of fishing and it occurred on a very stormy night. Please understand that there was a lot of video footage left out of fish strikes, hook ups and break offs because there were plenty of catches to make a good video. The two baits I used all night for fishing were live shrimp and pinfish. The Speckled Trout was caught on shrimp and both Snook on live baitfish. Carlos and Nick were fishing with shrimp and cut ladyfish. The Whiting were caught on shrimp and the Bonnethead Shark was caught on cut bait. Here are the things that I believe made this night a success: 1. Stormy weather 2. Plenty of baitfish schooling in the area 3, Good strong current I've been fishing for these stripped fish for a very long time. The first time I realized that windy, stormy conditions can produce really good Snook fishing was back in 1980. There was a barge with a small crane on it that was anchored very close to a bridge where these fish liked to hang out. One very stormy night a good friend and I decided to go late night fishing with shrimp. That night we caught so many Snook in the middle of that stormy weather that it left a permanent impression on me.

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