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Top 5 Home Theater Upgrades! (Most Impressive- Atmos? Speakers? TV?)

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These are the upgrades that put a huge grin on my face, and kept that grin going. Sometimes it goes the other direction... Vv Click "SHOW MORE" vV "The List", subwoofers that provide game changing bass: ) Speakers. Money doesn't guarantee performance. The SVS Ultra Towers did have a hand in inspiring this video, as they are way better than I expected. That said, while I can spot a bad sub a mile away, speakers are a case by case basis. I CAN say, without question, that these are worth a listen: https://sub101.link/UltraTower https://sub101.link/PrimeTower https://sub101.link/Elevation (very versatile, ceiling, high wall, or as regular surrounds) 4) Dolby Atmos (Immersive formats, Atmos, DTS:X, Auro 3D) See my "Atmos Hack" if you haven't "unlocked" your Blu Ray player yet. Don't know what I'm talking about? You probably need to watch the video. Even if you don't have Atmos, other high quality formats are "choked off" by a default Blu Ray player setting: https://youtu.be/vbdbtxdNK3s 3) Display (TV or Projector) I went from a 32" box, to a 43" 720p, to a 65" 1080p 3D, then a 65" 4K 3D, and finally a 65" Dolby Vision 3D, pretty much impossible to buy now. Screen size was a huge jump, but I really hope I don't have to change TV's until I they bring 3D back. 2) AVR This is the heart of your system, going from no room correction to MultiEQ XT was a big step up. Going from that to XT32 was a noticeable improvement. It won't make bad speakers sound amazing, but it will make great speakers truly shine. Here are some XT32 AVRs: https://sub101.link/OneCallXT32 https://amzn.to/2L4xdpy My detailed AVR Setup: https://youtu.be/KL5iFs3Oss0 1) **Dual** Deep Bass Subwoofers Every other upgrade on this list was great, but matching deep bass subs deliver true SOUL to your home theater. Splitting your budget for duals is the way to go unless you can only afford one, and in that case the PB-1000 makes the most sense to me, since adding another is less expensive than adding another PB-2000. Here are my favorite subs and why: https://sub101.link/PB-1000 Lowest cost of entry for QUALITY bass, 1 year upgrade, strong to 19-21 hertz. https://sub101.link/PB-2000 Strong to 14 hertz in room, sweet spot economically, 1 year trade up if the addiction grows (the addiction is REAL). https://sub101.link/PB-16Ultra The best bass I've ever heard, PERIOD. Still duals? Yes. I preferred dual PB-2000's over a **single** PB-16 Ultra, but dual PB-16's are outrageously good. Space and budget allowed, hands down, no question, these are my favorite subs so far. There are more options for quality bass, and any of these subs would be an exciting upgrade over typical subs: (strongly recommend for TV's and AVR's) (free, donations encouraged for the guy that created it-not me):

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