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Can't Let You Go - Final Fantasy

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You - dear viewer(s) - have no idea how long it took to get this up. Vegas kept being... mean shall we say lol, but as a result i couldn't do much colour effects, but i'm quite happy with this - other than the fact that i wanted to make Yuna/Shuyins' part a better glowing blue colour... Oh well, at least its finally up. For Sweetnightmare's studio competition (I actually had to start the video all over again so this is dedicated just for you XD) - cuz vegas was being... mean. DX I don't own the music, clips or program (thank you lord for that!). Song: Jesse McCartney Can't Let You Go Clips: Final Fantasy: X, X-2, VII, IX, IV, XII, XIII, Dead Fantasy, Dissidia Fantasy. (Oh, yes i tried fitting everything in! Thought it would be a lovely challenge ^^) However, i couldn't get FFIII clips *cries* I like that game. And i can never find VIII clips either *pout* xx Program: Vegas 7. #91 - Top Favourited (Today) - Film & Animation

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