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Introduction to the AQUASCAPING Hobby - Dwarf PUFFER FISH in a Nano Aquascape

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A 30cm cube nano aquascape - this could well be your first planted aquarium. In this introductory video, you'll learn the basics of aquascaping. It's meant to help with setting up a beautiful, but not too expensive nano aquarium with live plants and some cute dwarf puffers! What a great little fish! You will love the result! ---------- FEATURED VIDEOS Fertilizing Masterclass https://youtu.be/r53ZQW0m8VM Algae Guide Part 1: https://youtu.be/Na60g3sEnds Part 2: https://youtu.be/5QRBGn65sbE Substrate Tutorial https://youtu.be/_yg090qE_W8 Filtration Guide Part 1: https://youtu.be/QQlpsSPBwZ4 Part 2: https://youtu.be/bjxc_RVRi40 ---------- SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL & CLICK THE BELL TO GET NOTIFIED https://geni.us/gasubscribe BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER, JOIN US https://geni.us/membership GREEN AQUA MERCH STORE https://geni.us/ga-merch ---------- AQUARIUM SPECS AQUARIUM Green Aqua Aquarium - 27 liters (Nano Cube), 30x30x30 cm https://geni.us/30_cube AQUARIUM LIGHTING Chihiros C301 LED light with dimmer (14 W, 1500 lm) https://geni.us/lighting-en AQUARIUM FILTRATION Seachem Tidal Power filter - 35 with Seachem Matrix https://geni.us/filters-en AQUARIUM DECORATION Fuji/Lava stone - 2kg https://geni.us/Decoration AQUARIUM SUBSTRATE Dennerle Crystal quartz gravel - 5kg https://geni.us/substrate AQUATIC PLANTS 3x Bucephalandra spec. Serimbu Brown In-Vitro 10x Anubias nana Bonsai 3x Microsorum pteropus Windelov 1x Taxiphyllum 'Spiky' moss https://geni.us/plants PLANT FERTILIZING ADA Brighty K, ADA Green Brighty Mineral, ADA Iron, Seachem Excel https://geni.us/adafertilizers LIVESTOCK 7x Dwarf Pufferfish - Carinotetraodon travancoricus https://geni.us/livestock ---------- MORE AQUASCAPING VIDEOS BY GREEN AQUA AQUASCAPING - CINEMATIC VIDEOS: https://geni.us/ga-cine AQUASCAPING - GUIDE AND HOW TO VIDEOS: https://geni.us/how-to AQUASCAPING - MAINTENANCE VIDEOS: https://geni.us/maintain GREEN AQUA WEBSITE: https://"Land Of Eternal Spring" - Cora Zea, "A Tribute to Gold" - Duke Herrington, "Cortlandt Street" - V.V. Campos, "Skipping Stone" - Gary Combs, "Does It Really Matter" - Imprismed, "Trying to Escape" - Arc De Soleil, "The Rain Will Come Back (Instrumental Version)" - Daniel Gunnarsson #greenaqua #lowtech #nanoaquarium #aquascaping

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