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how a wine barrel is made

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A short film by Tom Cannavan of . Filmed in the cooperage of Louis Latour in Burgundy, France, it shows the stages involved in producing wine barrels. Please note, this video was shot on my phone on an unscheduled visit, so doesn't claim to be absolutely comprehensivem but hopefully you'll find it informative and useful. One important stage that is missing is the fitting of the head and bottom pieces. Once the barrel is assembled, a slot is cut all the way round the inside of the barrel top and bottom. Steel rings at the top are removed to loosen the barrel, and the head piece - whose circumference is slightly bigger than the inner circumference of the barrel, is slid down and slotted into place, before the rings are hammered down again to squeeze the barrel together and securely grip the head piece. Then the same is done for the bottom.

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