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Shark Tank Breaks In Mall

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Sharks swimming in the mall or subway? Huge shark tank breaks leaving deadly sharks swimming in a mall lobby! We're gonna need a bigger boat! There is a reason this image went viral and its not because of people's fear of escalators. And yes, there is a real phobia of escalators its called Escalaphobia, google it, I can't make this kind of stuff up! This image hit all of the social media outlets. Like Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter According to one of the stories accompanying the picture, a giant shark tank at the Scientific Center in Kuwait collapsed, causing panic and chaos among staff and visitors. Another claimed the collapse occurred flooding the lobby of Kuwaiti shopping mall. Upon being confronted with such an event occurring at the mall you have to ask yourself... #1 Is this within the realm of possibility? #2 What kind of sharks are they? And #3 How do I get to the food court and specifically Hot Dog On A Stick? #1 In my worst nightmares and apparently in China, that is a resounding yes. At the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center in China a tank holding 33 tons of water and three sharks shattered . The disaster was caught on video as acrylic glass almost 6 inches thick burst sending the water and deadly shards of glass onto visitors injuring 15 people. The 3 sharks inside were lemon sharks, and are safe to humans. The poor creatures however did not survive. #2 In our Kuwaiti shopping center picture the sharks appear to be Great Whites! There is absolutely no reason for any private citizen or business to own a great white unless you are an Evil Genius bent on taking over the world and have equipped them with lasers on their heads. Either way it doesn't matter, there are sharks at the bottom of the fricken escalators and I still need to get to Hot dog on a stick!!! Which leads me to #3 They're called corn dogs where I come from, they are delicious, but who's the perv that designed the uniforms and their method of making lemonade? So is the image real or a hoax? Well for starters the Kuwait Scientific Center is real, and has a shark tank, but no, it never collapsed. The image is actually a hoax combining a number of different images. The escalator is actually located at the basement of the Toronto Royal Bank Plaza when it was shut down due to flooding in 2012. The water is really only inches deep which is apparent by how high it is compared to the two men standing off in the corner of the original picture. This isn't the first time the great white on the left has been used in viral images, here it is again this time swimming in the flooded streets of Puerto Rico after a Hurricane. The crazy thing is the original image it has been lifted from is viral on its own merit, and get this... this is real!!! However, It is such a scary and imposing sight that photographer Thomas P. Peschak has had to write an entire article describing to the exact detail, how he took the picture to in order to prove it's authenticity. If you want more hoax factor videos and sharks with laser beams on their heads subscribe now.

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