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OCD in a 3 year old

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OCD in a 3 year old. Rafael is 3 years old and he's been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and Autism. A lot of kids with autism have OCD. We are working with him several times a day when he struggles with his OCD. This was just ONE example of what he goes through multiple times a day. It really opens my eyes to things when I see him struggling with something so little. OCD is very treatable when you treat it and work on it daily. The struggle is real though, and something very little can set him off and send him in a tantrum or meltdown for hours. We use exposure therapy to treat OCD, and this is the best example of exposure therapy! He deals with the anxiety and he is able to resist the obsession and compulsion. It does not become an OCD ritual when he deals with the obsessions. OCD in a 5 year old: https://youtu.be/FYCTpazS9rU OCD in a 4 year old: https://youtu.be/lp_nrn144d4 OCD at 5 years old - Drawing a Cat: https://youtu.be/tR2OrHaNbOs Our everyday life in Israel! Hadar, Andrea, baby Rafael & Kitty. FoolyLiving Vlog from the beginning!:

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