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Insane School Bus Conversion TOUR ⎮ Tiny House (RV)

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If you liked the video, The youtube algorithm really works well when you give it a like, it really helps a lot! unfortunately, if you didn't like it, leave a dislike and maybe tell me how to make better content you actually would like? Thank you! ---------------------------------------------------------- Private instagram: https://(not sure what to call this kind of car... i'm converting it to an adventure bus which is supposed to help bring me and some freinds awesome adventures. In the end the plan is that it'll turn out as a modern bus/modern skoolie. i want it to be a very luxury and cozy looking bus conversion and i'll not compromise with anything... i gues you could call it a luxury loft on wheels as well. i have seen a lot of sprinter van conversions/van conversion on youtube but i think they are too small and things just get messy fast... therefore, i choose a bus with more space for living. some people might prefer to call it: tiny, house, tiny home, off grid tiny house, van, camper van, school bus, schoolbus conversion, bus conversion, van conversion, truck, truck conversion. it is a scania vabis l36. But as you probably can see from the videos i upload, i have very much work to do, also quite more than expected, but i really enjoy it... videos will keep coming, so watch out for updates and go subscribe! Business enquires: Bjoern.productions@

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