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MEGA MEK - Everything You Need to Know! Ark: Survival Evolved Extinction

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MEGA MEK - Everything You Need to Know! Ark: Survival Evolved Extinction - Today we'll be taking a look at everything you need to know with the Mek and the MEGA MEK! Including how to craft it, modules, damage numbers, and a hidden item called the M.O.M.I Extinction is the third paid DLC expansion pack for ARK: Survival Evolved. Join discord! https://discord.gg/xkFnmZK Extinction is scheduled to be released on November 6th, but is available for purchase through the Season Pass. Extinction places survivors on an Element-infested, ravaged planet filled with fantastical creatures both organic and technological. Earth holds both the secrets of the past and the keys to its salvation. Unique Environmental Features Electromagnetic waves are present at certain locations, rendering items such as GPS useless. Orbital Supply Drops that fall from the sky and when activated, starts a PvE horde-styled event. Overview The map appears as if it was laden in the future, overgrown with sci-fi and nature. A shattered moon floats high above Earth's red, swollen sky. A variety of strange, mutated plants, most red or orange, grow among the rocks of the barren wasteland. Corrupted Spires made of corrupt Element appear to be the source of the Corrupted Creatures roaming the land. A blue Obelisk floats above a snow region, surrounding it in a protective forcefield. The Overgrown City sits near the snow area, apparently made of TEK but malfunctioning. A host of Technological creatures surround the city, but organic ones can be found there as well. This is not the Earth we know. Boys and girls of the shaft- I know you’ve all been asking for it and… it’s time to do it! EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW- ABOUT THE MEK! We’re gonna talk about how you go from this… small, weak, little wimpy boi, that shoots little sparklers at your enemy, to THIS alpha chad robot ASDFRAGAGREA So where to start? Well let’s start small, with the wimpy boi mek. Now this small boi has a little tek toothpick, and a nerf gun. Cool! He can hover around, but watch out! If you thought this was going to be the END of your flyers FOREVER! This new mech brings with it a new mechanic of heat, not the outside kind, the im gonna just STOP working kind. If you let your heat meter get too high, your mech will become sluggish and not really operational which will get you killed. Being made from tek the mech is powered by the obvious- element, A LOT OF IT. Let's get back into the topic we all really care about, those BIG GUNS-wimpy boi guns. So check this out! The meks have a module slot in their armor which let’s you attach various modules, to enhance your meks capabilities. The biggest of them all being the M.S.C.M a huge cannon strapped to your mechs back! Does a touch over 1k damage No splash Kinda hard to aim because at some angles you can’t really see what you’re shooting Takes cannon shells which are heavy Meks in general have pretty decent weight Next up we have the M.R.L.M a pod launcher that is strapped to your back! Takes rocket pod ammo This guy kinda sucks actually Does burst damage which can bust through metal or stone but really not worth it Meh against dinos & damages yourself Lastly there is the M.D.S.M a big shield that you carry on your mech, by pressing C you release a large tek bubble around your mech. The shield runs on element & causes heat Kinda silly cuz enemy can just walk through it Blocks projectiles minus rockets Overall meh Finally we have the sword and pistol. Sword and pistol scale based on level of mek Interestingly sword does same damage no matter structure, it’s okay damage I guess. Pistol does slightly more on stone than metal totally not worth using. Modules ALWAYS do same damage no matter what. If you can find a high quality bp then you could get more damage. All of these modules are craftable at a tek replicator, requiring you to be above level 93. All you gotta do is put the mek in your hotbar and drop it where ever. Could be a good mobile raiding tool. Gotta admit this stuff is pretty pricey for what it does. Do you think it’s worth the cost? Are they too weak? Now for the coolest part of all… THE MEGA MECH This bad boy makes the normal mech look like a little new born baby boi or girl. This thing is insane and towers over literally EVERY creature in the game, except one. Sadly can only be used in king titan boss Unless set by server But how do we do this though? How do we craft a mega mek, there’s no engram for it? This will require a M.O.M.I which can only be acquired by defeating the beta level king titan. To use this M.O.M.I you will need 5 mechs, equipping the M.O.M.I to one of them. When the boss gets summoned your mechs will all transform into ONE COLOSSAL MEGA MECH to crush the king! The megamek is strong but not as strong as titans in our testing Kinda boring only left click Can and prolly will die so can’t fight alone

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