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The Knife Flip Song

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The Knife Flip Song. Part 2 of my newest Knife Game Song collection. DOWNLOAD THIS SONG: "The Knife Game Song". When I filmed this video (It took about 3-4 bloody nights of failure before I could complete the stunt) I had envisioned it in my head as being shocking and making people cringe. But after reviewing the footage it became apparent that the danger of this act wasn't as easy to feel being a viewer. Trust me, this was HARD. Harder than any of the other stunts. It took months of practice to know how high and fast to flip the knife in order to spin the right amount, and took even longer to be able to do all 4 rounds without messing up. I had bloodied my hand countless times in the process. The knife I use is a Smith & Wesson boot knife, because it is weighted very well for accurate flipping. Anyways, without rambling too much, I hope you enjoy this song. I know I said I wouldn't do any more knife game songs, but I couldn't help it. I got anxious. BANDCAMP ► https://rustycage./ FACEBOOK ►

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